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Servers Status
  • Luna is now Live since the 24.04.2020 !
    Tuesday, April 15 2020.

    With the test server up for nearly two weeks now, we have a good overview on what needs to be fixed.

    We have narrowed down and sorted out the most important issues, thanks to the dwarfies who took the time to jump in on our test server and report their findings here, on our community boards.

    Luna is going Live on the 24 April 2020, 19:00 GMT +0 !

    Tuesday, April 14 2020.

    Have a question ? Or simply want to hang around with the dwarfies ? We have setup a Discord server in addition to our community boards.

    Click here to join our discord.

    Twisted minds and all kind of awesome creatures are waiting for you !

    Monday, April 13 2020.

    We have re-registered Luna and Lineage II Dreams to the most popular voting sites. (L2Topzone, L2JBraseil Top & Top 100 Arena)

    You'll find the vote links on our homepage. The vote system has also been fixed and Denkus stopped being a bitch... Well, with the vote rewards, at least.

    Sunday, April 12 2020.

    With our website and community boards back up, as well as the test server up and progressing nicely, we're going to have to focus a little on advertising Luna. As usual, we're going to need your assistance. Running marketing campaigns to advertise the return of Luna is a must in order to ensure a successful launch, but it costs money.

    This offer is still going on. Head over to the "Donate" page of our website to send a donation. You'll simply have to contact us when donations rewards go live with 1) Paypal address, 2) Amount donated & 3) Character name to send the apigas to to received your Golden Apigas X2.

    Latest Releases
    • Luna is running on the V1Changelog
    • Latest Client Patch version is Version 2.2bDownload
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