Getting Started
Detailed guide to connect to Luna & L2Dreams.

We're happy to see that you noticed this server looks rather cute and decided to give it a try. We will walk you through the installation of the Lineage II client and the installation of our patch in order to access Luna.

First of all you will need the Lineage II client. Luna is currently running on High Five.

Use the link below to start downloading it.

An alternative way to download the client using uTorrent rather HTTP Link is available.

When the download is over, extract the game and install it. It'll take about 15minutes, more or less, depending on your computer performances. Once the installation of the official Lineage II client has been completed, all you need to do is get our patch and install it. Continue reading!

Finally got your Lineage II - High Five client ready? It's time to make it work for Luna! Start by downloading the patch.

Once we have the patch, we just have to extract it. Below, we'll give you a quick step by step on how our patch should be extracted using WinRAR.

Once our patch has been extracted, you're ready to jump in! Just start L2.exe from the system folder.

If you experience any issue to get started, please read the F.A.Q. If your issue remains, ask for assistance.


  • Note: The latests patch is required to play. If you attempt to play by connecting with the official system folder and modified hosts or an outdated patch, you wont be able to connect.
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