May the ancient and the squashes follow them. Luna as we know it has gone down. But Luna will stand back up. Stronger than ever.

For the past few months, we've been working on something we've last done back in 2009 - something new, something refreshing, but something that still has that good old taste. Plenty of things are changing... yet plenty remains. While Luna is still under development and its release date is still unknown, we already have a good picture of how our new Luna is going to look like and today - here we are, sharing a little part of it with you.


Dynamic Experience Rates
Gone are the days of rushing through low levels and having a hard time progressing on the later ones. The multiplier applied to the earned experience is now dynamic and depends on your level.

For the first few levels the multiplier is non-existent, it grows as you level up and will reach up to 25x.

Improved Economy System
In the past on Luna, nothing other than the end-game gears and the materials required for those was precious. Everything starting from No-Grade to S84 was available for purchase directly from the stores, for a cheap price. No more.

Weapon and Armors stores do no longer sell uncommon D/C/B/A/S gears. They've been replaced by the common versions. Common gears can be acquired for Wind, Water and Fire Mantras - which, remain exclusively obtainable from our low, medium, and high levels hunting grounds. Uncommon versions of these gears will now be obtainable exclusively through crafting, opening plenty of room for diversity in your adventure.

Improved Hunting Grounds
On Luna, certain hunting grounds have been made more rewarding than others. The low, medium, and high level hunting grounds (found at any Gatekeeper) will not only reward you with Stems, Varnishes, Silver Nuggets and co, but also with Wind, Water, and Fire Mantras.

Collect these mantras to purchase Common Weapons, Common Armors, Common Jewelry, Special Abilities, Tattoos, Dyes, regular Enchant Scrolls and more from the stores in towns and villages.

The following Hunting Grounds are recommended to low level characters, between 1 and 40:
- School of Dark Arts (Lv. 1 to 10)
- Elven Ruins (Lv. 10+)
- Windmill Hill (Lv. 15+)
- Abandoned Camp (Lv. 20+)
- Execution Grounds (Lv. 25+)
- Breka's Stronghold (Lv. 30+)
- Death Pass (Lv. 30+)
- Bee Hive (Lv. 35+)
- Sea of Spores (Lv. 40+)
- Hunters Valley (Lv. 40+)
- Timak Outpost (Lv. 40+)

For the medium-level characters, between 40 and 70, the following Hunting Grounds are recommended:
- Enchanted Valley (Lv. 45+)
- The Cemetary (Lv. 50+)
- Fields of Massacre (Lv. 55+)
- Forsaken Plains (Lv. 55+)
- Forbidden Gateway (Lv. 60+)
- Valley of Saints (Lv. 60+)
- Forest of the Dead (Lv. 65+)
- Blazing Swamp (Lv. 65+)
- Archaic Laboratory (Lv. 70+)
- Pavel Ruins (Lv. 70+)

And finally, for the high level characters, the following Hunting Grounds are recommended:
- Hot Spring (Lv. 75+)
- Varka Silenos (Lv. 75+)
- Ketra Orc Outpost (Lv. 75+)
- The Monastery (Lv. 80+)
- Lizardmen Plains (Lv. 85+)
- Sel Mahum Grounds (Lv. 85+)
- Beast Farm (Lv. 85+)
- Dragon Valley (Lv. 85+)

Good to know
The raid bosses spawning within the Improved Hunting Grounds are globally announced. They drop key materials (all of them, including the lowbie ones) required to acquire S80 and S84 Gears.

If you've become too high level for a raid boss but would like to take it down, or if you're simply looking for the damn Recipe - Homunkulus Sword but the Vanor Silenos Shaman is way too low level to drop anything... there's no issue! Gatekeepers can help you jump back to a level you've already been - temporarily!

Mini Games
Looking for something fun to do? Look no more.

Lorain, our Mini Games Manager, ensures you're always having fun - with her mini games - some of which will remind you of the good old Quake 3 Arena days, while others will taste a bit more like the Unreal Tournament.

Randomized mods, maps, grades and levels restrictions, buffs and rules - our events are always fun, refreshing and rewarding!

And Luna is full of surprises.
Luna is a unique server. Plenty of features were altered, modified, introduced and removed. Luna is a server like no other.

Crafted by the hands of the same dude that brought you Paradise ages ago, and Dreams along Luna at a later time, ladies and gentleman - we present you Luna, in all its splendor.

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